topio (landscape) is not, as some people perceive it, just a grouping of earth, plants and waters. It is the projection of the soul of a people on matter – Odysseas Elytis.

Founded in 2013 by Nicola Anastas, Topio is a boutique landscape design practice in the south west region of WA.

Topio’s landscapes are borne from a desire to create functional beauty; crafting connection between people, built form and the natural landscape. By focusing on sustainability, sourcing of local materials, and climate appropriate design, Topio strives to work with and enhance the natural environment.

Nicola moved to Margaret River in 2008 after completing her degree at the University of Western Australia. The regions landscapes are a constant source of inspiration for Nicola, which permeates her work deeply. Above all, Nicola believes gardens should bring joy; beautiful and functional places to play, socialise, nurture, relax, connect to nature and foster memories.

Please contact Nicola to discuss your vision for your landscaping project.